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Buying a firearm in California

Purchasing a firearm in California is not a difficult process (your constitutionally protected rights shouldn’t be). This is not to say that its a free for all because it is not. Here are the basic steps needed for buying a firearm in California.

  1.  Take the “Handgun Safety Test”. This can be done at most gun shops; but call ahead to make sure they offer it.  (I would post the video but due to possible legal implications I will tell you it is available on youtube searching the phrase “California Handgun Safety Certificate Video Guide”)

Here is a free copy of the “California Handgun Safety Certificate Study Guide” click below to download.

Handgun Safety Certificate Study Guide 


2. Choose a firearm that you would like to buy. There are so many types of firearms but the two main categories are handguns and long-arms.

A) Handguns are a great start to your collection as they work great for home defense (any gun will do as long as you will). You are also not limited to home defense with a handgun but also outside the home defense as long as you have a valid California concealed weapons permit (California does not recognize out of state permits).

B) Longarms or rifles are also a fantastic choice (especially a .22 rifle for starters). A shotgun for home protection is a great start if your going to purchase a longarm and also a must for trap shooting.
3. Your gun dealer (storefront, FFL, or gun-show) will need a few pieces of information before the transaction can begin. This consists of a valid photo ID so the shop can fill out  ATF Form 4473 (DROS), your right thumb print and a  fee of $25.

Last but not least joing the NRA to get updates and help strengthen your second ammendmant freedoms.










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