California Against Crime and Guns?

California Against Crime and Guns?


California is comprised with very less conventional people. The civilian groups who do not have any armaments learned that guns can diminish the occurrence of crime in high range. Statistical reports of gun sales are released by the California justice department. As per that, people who are in need of hand guns have to clear a written test. After these kinds of immense actions, more numbers of guns are still increasing to a great extent. It happened against legal laws on the same phase. As per Gun Laws of California¸ buyers have to pass a written test or else they cannot purchase their required guns in any case. Once you clear the test, you can obtain a certificate of safety to have the gun with you for a long time. The new sorts of guns are equipped to shell casing of microstamp. Gun dealers who are certified and licensed can sell hand guns, even though it is against the new laws. For a single day, California people are purchasing unlimited numbers of hand guns in high range.

Handgun sales provide fear of limited models

The growth of hand gun sale gives a great fear to most of the people that it will reduce the diverse models of weapons in future. Due to high levels of requirement, new models will not get approved by the Government in any case. Further, it restricts the implementation of new-fangled models of hand guns at any instance. As per the law by justice department, it is clearly explained the steady enhancement of handguns in future.

Most of the people are showing their interest to purchase hand guns for self-defence purpose. This kind of firearm will protect every individual against any crime activity at any time. And at the same time, the gun violence is increased to a high level which does not have any strict control measures. People are concentrated more to purchase hand guns and it is the main reason for the fall of long gun sales. Compared to 2013, the sales of long guns decreased in the year 2014. This is mainly because of saturation fall in the present market. The one main thing is concluded that the violence of guns is not related to newly released control laws.

Violence rate has no relationship to new control laws

Due to the implementation of several gun laws, buyers and owners feel immense inconvenience in high range. The Gun Laws of California has restricted the usage by honest citizens against obtaining guns. The true fact is that, these kinds of law will never stop the crime activities in any case. But, the new laws for crime control produce drastic changes misdeed violence. People who misuse the usage of gun in wrong way are severely punished by the government. These kinds of legal actions reduced the occurrences of criminal activities in high range. The sales rates of hand guns are increased to a high level as per the statistical report. It is proved that, people who know to handle guns can save their lives against terror attacks in an effective manner.