California Assault Weapons

California Assault Weapon

What is an Assault weapon


What is an “Assault Weapon”, or you could ask what is a “california assault weapon“? Lately this has been a buzzword typically used by the mainstream media as well as political figures to describe a “military style rifle”. “Assault weapon” is an invented term that shows up nowhere in any firearm dictionary or lexicon; moreover the only term that even comes close to it is “assault rifle” which is for all intents and purposes is a fully auto machine gun (already illegal).  Their use (“assault rifle”) to commit crimes is so rare one might wonder why it garners so much attention from the media? We hear politicians and news anchors use terms like “100 round clip” or “automatic assault weapon” and “military style weapon” but those familiar with firearms, and their nomenclature know these items don’t exist. They are pejorative terms conjured up by groups and politicians that know nothing about guns, but want to strike fear into the masses to assist them in shaping unnecessary and ineffective reforms on firearm ownership. Let me be blunt with you, every object used in an attack is an “Assault Weapon” including a rock or a pair of scissors. You may still be asking then why are these black (or pink) rifles called “Assault Weapons”? It is simply propaganda and fear mongering.

 An “Assault Weapon” is not functionally different than any other semi-automatic hunting rifle (though cosmetically similar to military guns). For example it uses the exact same ammunition (.223, .308 etc), holds the same number of rounds (10 round magazine in CA), and functions the same as any hunting rifle in the sense that you must press the trigger each time you want to discharge a round, 1 trigger pull, 1 shot fired. It’s the same functions as grandpa’s old hunting rifle, 1 shot per trigger squeeze.

Here is an older video from the mid-nineties in which a police officer/firearms expert (whom often disagree with politicians attempts at crime reduction through gun control) demonstrates the difference between a real “ASSAULT RIFLE” and what the media and state legislators call “Assault Weapons”.


There is NO sound logic behind the government’s desire to restrict or remove your rights and no tactic too devious when it comes to legislating your freedoms away. If you value your rights and are tired of elected representatives making legislation regarding things they know absolutely nothing about then please get involved! We can’t allow ourselves to be disarmed like England or Australia we have to take a stand before it is too late, to let them know enough is enough.


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