Why A California gun blog

Why another gun blog?

Yet another california gun blog


Why did I start a california gun blog on all things firearms for california residents? I am passionate about guns and about what they symbolize as a free American and how good citizens can use them to ensure we are not enslaved by criminals, corrupt governments, and possible invasion on American soil. You see if guns did not exist, America most certainly would not exist either. The 2nd amendment insures that this amazing legacy of self-reliance and freedom continues on for generations. Out of all the articles in the constitution it seems that the second has been attacked the most and its sad that the people have to hire lawyers, join a group (NRA, GOA, and SAF) just to keep corrupt politicians (yes I said corrupt, because any politician that would take away your freedom doesn’t deserve liberty or freedom) from limiting AND taking your rights away. Why? Once you give up a freedom or once a new law is legislated …..you never get it back. Why do you think California is sinking deeper and more into debt. Its wasteful spending and bad laws. Well that my rant for now. More to come


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