Castle Doctrine


You are awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass, a lamp-stand knocked to the ground, and your two small dogs barking their heads off….Now is not the time to have worries and questions regarding the legalities of using your gun to possibly defend yourself or loved ones from the burglar that has invaded your own personal castle. The “Castle Doctrine” is not clear to most people and yet its the foundation of our self defense laws. It dates back to the 17th century English common law where “A man’s home is his castle. Attacked there, he doesn’t need to  retreat.”  There has been a lot of confusion over the “stand your ground” law and the “castle doctrine”  especially around the time that the Travon Martin case made national headlines(I remember hearing a lot of negative feedback from the blogosphere as well as the liberal media bashing the doctrine without stopping to think that George Zimmerman has not been delivered a verdict and not all the details are fully known). “Stand your Ground” is referring to outside the home and the “castle doctrine” is referring to inside the home. Castle doctrine plays up a little more strongly because it is in your home and the fact that someone is using force to break into your house unlawfully (felony) creates the fear of life or great bodily harm. Stand your ground takes this and applies it to outside the home or any other place that you have a right to be; however there is no preconditioned crime being committed (breaking into your home) so the stand your ground is not as strong.

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