Glock for concealed carry

Glock for concealed carry


Glock has been manufacturing pistols since the early 80′s and has since grown to extreme popularity not only with 65% of Americas police force, but with every day citizens like yourself. When one decides to carry concealed, quality needs to be at the top of the list. You need a gun that can go “bang” with every pull of the trigger as well as be able to withstand lint, sweat, and still be comfortable in the buyers hand. Glock for concealed carry is also popular, especially among law enforcement. It has been recommended by many firearms experts to always carry a backup gun that is similar and in some cases can fire using the same magazines and ammunition as your primary service weapon. Its like having a spare magazine wrapped around a gun. Glock is perfect for this since Glock magazines (not clips) can use the same magazine in the same caliber (ie G19/26).

glock and police

Sixty Five percent of Americas police force use Glock

Glocks reputation for reliability is the reason it has been a main contender and consideration for government contracts; however this is not the only reason. Cost is also a major factor. Polymer pistols are cheap, sturdy, and relatively easy to manufacture (with high profit margins also). Sig Sauer, Glock, Beretta and even Colt have all been awarded major contracts with the United States Government. Quality has been the basis for these contracts, and secondly because they got a good deal with the manufacturer. I believe politics does play a role in the vetting process at some point; however the manufacturer needs to have a reliable product to even get on the shortlist. There would be an outcry and probably some eyebrows raised if HI-POINT firearms won a five million dollar contract with the FBI (at this point in time), not saying it could never happen, I just don’t see that currently happening in today’s firearms market. There are so many tried and true sidearms and Glock just happens to be the one I am writing about today and have experience with. Glock has over twenty-three different models in over seven popular calibers or cartridges. I want to focus on the 9mm cartridge as this is the most popular (nato standard) and it’s the gun I recommend most. The 9mm (9x19mm Parabellum) cartridge is a very cost-effective firearm to own, shoot and since you will want to practice often with your concealed carry handgun this is the caliber I recommend you talk a strong look at. Glock offers five pistols in the 9mm range Glock 17, 18 (automatic, so not something you can probably buy), 19, 26, and 34.


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