Guns aren’t the murderer

Guns aren’t the murderer


Okay, so here is something to think about…. What if instead of passing more gun laws, the government abolished many of the laws already in place? What would the outcome be: lawlessness, mass shootings, bodies piling up in the streets? What if none of these scenarios came to pass? Instead, we had a drastic drop in the overall crime rate. Would the criminals that do not obey laws regarding guns, or anything else, want to try to rob the Quickie Mart on the corner knowing that the clerk or clerks are most likely packing heat, and not pistols with stupid 7 or 10 round magazines, but the 15 and 17 round magazines the pistols were designed to use. Or the AR 15 with the 30 round magazine under the counter, next to the 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun with the extended 7 round magazine tube with double 00 buck in it.

What would become of the would be rapist? Would that crime perhaps take the most drastic fall statistically? If women were now empowered by the availability and ease of ownership of a firearm, are they still the weaker sex? Or did we give them the power to protect themselves? As the old saying goes “God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” Isn’t a nickname for a gun…. the equalizer?

two ways to protect yourself

The criminals have guns, should not the law abiding, hardworking, God fearing rest of us that do the right thing by society day in and day out? Would the now law abiding citizens remain law abiding or would we slowly see a transformation to a society of criminals and a slide into lawlessness?

I would like to think that our society is strong enough, smart enough, and care enough about our fellow citizens to not want to do great bodily harm or death to them just because of the availability of firearms.

I would like to think that those that have firearms would come to the aide of citizens that do not have a firearm for protection for whatever reason. Coming together, and helping those in need, is that not some of the things that makes us as a nation and society great.

The crimes that have been recently perpetrated using firearms have been done by a sick few individuals. This of course is exactly the type of incidents that the Left want, to further their anti-gun agenda. We have not heard much but in passing, about the underlying root cause of mental illness in these cases. Instead of taking a stand on the issue of mental illness and how to address and treat that, which in my opinion is the real killer, the gun is just the tool, the mind being wholly responsible for the deed. Mental illness is where this massive anti-gun effort should be refocused, not more laws aimed at law abiding gun owners.

Let us not forget also that these incidents came to an end when these gunmen were confronted by an armed citizen or a police officer. The shooter either surrendered or killed himself. Yes, I would like to think that we as Americans would be wise and judicious in the use of firearms, just as we have been, with the exception of a sick few. The ability to own firearms is one of the key things that makes us standout in the world. The Founding Fathers saw fit to guaranty that right shall not be infringed upon by any government since the inception of this country, or any future government that may come.

God bless America!!!!